How we grew
Stillman Volvo’s
digital traffic & revenue month over month.

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The Problem:

The Stillman Volvo team approached us for an online marketing consultation because it was clear that they needed a partner to help interpret all things digital and align their efforts to increase sales. They were missing out on opportunities, didn’t know who to listen to and had companies calling everyday trying to sell a magic pill.

  • Lots of vendors, no integrated strategy
  • Poorly designed lead funnels
  • No customer focused copy
  • Navigation heavy site with too many options
  • No calls to action
  • Ok traffic but it was coming from the wrong places
  • They didn’t know who to listen to or who to trust
  • They needed an in house team that could make sense of all things digital and align their efforts.
  • They have companies calling them everyday trying to sell them the magic pill.
  • Their SEO efforts were ok but were generic and implemented by one of the usual suspects.

The Results:

By implementing a number of different online marketing best practices on the Stillman Volvo website, we were able to double search engine traffic within 90 days and bring about a 30% increase in overall site traffic & sales within the same time period.

Our Strategy

Technique #1
Optimize The Site For Lead Conversions
Best Practices

Simplifying Navigation

Stillman Volvo’s existing navigation was cluttered with too many options, this led to lots of clicks on the site but poor visitor conversions. By creating a new navigation that prioritized the appropriate pages, we were better able to control where the visitors moved and converted throughout Stillman Volvo pages.

Included Social Proof On Website

Previously Stillman Volvo didn’t have easy to find testimonials or social proof throughout the website, leading to a loss in trust from new visitors. By including social proof on each page, our team was able to improve the visitor’s trust, resulting in more conversions.

Created Calls To Action On Each page

On most pages, there were no clear calls to action and the ones on the VDP pages were many and vague. We removed all but the most important calls to action on the VDP pages and added calls to action throughout the site. This helped increase their conversions in all departments.

Used Customer Focused Copywriting

By using customer focused copywriting for each page on Stillman Volvo’s site, we were able to create a benefit focused website resulting in longer visitor duration, more conversions & more sales.

Technique #2
Boost Search Engine Traffic
Best Practices

Find the Buyers

Stillman Volvo had been using several vendors to provide them with SEO, PPC, Retargeting, Display advertising. The problem was the metrics they were being given was not consistent and their traffic makeup didn’t convert very well. We optimized their traffic by focusing on the right sources.

Dumped most display Advertising

Stillman Volvo used to generate 20% of their traffic from display advertising. We got rid of most of it because it didn’t convert very well. We replaced it with more paid search spend and focused retargeting campaigns that increased their click through rates and conversions.

Focus on organic SEO and paid search

Stillman Volvo’s existing SEO was generic and was not broad enough in scope to generate a meaningful organic traffic makeup. We researched the local market and identified areas of opportunity that we targeted. This has led to an increase in new visitors month over month and increased traffic and search visibility.

Technique #3
Boost Social Media Traffic

Promoting the Website

To increase the number of social media visitors we launched paid Facebook advertisements which engaged with Volvo followers in order to get more website visitors.

Greater Brand Awareness

By launching Facebook advertisements he was able to get more social media shares, which helped with traffic & awareness in the local marketplace.

Built Fan Page Community

By building relationships with Facebook users we was able to grow Stillman Volvo’s brand by over 400%. This helped build their audience faster and increase sales.

facebook advertising for auto dealers

Technique #4
Increase Website Conversion Rate

A/B Testing

Our first step was to analyze Stillman’s visitors to find out where they went on the site, what they read or didn’t read, what they were buying and what they were looking for. This allowed us to create multiple A/B split tests based on visitor data in order to hone in on the most effective combination of sales elements.

Boosting Conversions by Over 100%

The results of both our traffic analysis and split tests enabled us to develop a more efficient means of directing visitors to their desired vehicle or service they were most interested in. The result? 100% increase in conversions!

Implemented Call and Lead Source Tracking

Before we started working with Stillman Volvo, they didn’t know where their leads came from or if a particular digital campaign was worth it. We implemented lead tracking and now every phone call and every lead that comes in via the Stillman Volvo website can be directly attributed to a source. All calls are tracked by source so that paid and organic efforts can be properly evaluated to determine an ROI.

Technique #5
Develop New Vehicle Launch Campaigns

Develop XC90 Microsite

Our first step was to outline Stillmans XC90 Microsite with best practices for conversions. By identifying calls to action, unique selling propositions & main highlights of each new vehicle created responsive & user friendly XC90 Microsite.

Implement Paid Search

Launched paid search & Facebook Advertisements driving traffic directly to Microsite & new vehicle offer’s.

Generate Pre-Release Reservations

Through the use of the XC90 Microsite, Stillman Volvo has been able to lead all dealerships in the country in pre-sales of the new Volvo XC90.